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Welcome to the world of ideal investments
Trust your capital management to the team of high-qualified professionals with years of experience in operating on the world’s leading trading floors! We will do our utmost to maintain and boost your savings.

Yield Fund Operations, %

A private closed-end investment fund called Ideal Investor is the team of professional participants of financial markets, consisting of five traders, who possess years of experience, and two qualified risk managers. With the following membership we have been operating since April 2015.

We have arrived at the conclusion that this is an optimum alliance. The fund’s traders operate on NYSE and NASDAQ markets, applying various trading strategies, both conservative and aggressive.

Risk Management Department is constantly monitoring the risks and profits of each trader’s operations and distributing investment flows in such a way that balances these values.

Such business strategy produces strong showing – at the moment we successfully maintain the monthly average rate of return of about 35 – 40 percent. This contents our investors, who receive solid returns on the order of 70% of the fund’s profits.

We feel confident about the future and are ready to share this confidence with you – our potential clients. We offer various investment plans, providing you up to 670% annual yield at minimum risk! This far outweighs bank deposit interest, doesn’t it?

We attach great importance to privacy and deposit security, therefore use only time-proved payment systems, adhering to the same principles. And we will be sincerely pleased to see you among our investors!

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